Celebrating Anniversaries at Seattle Hotel

12 Dec

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Comfort Inn Seattle for Couples

Think privacy, coziness, comfort, and think – can you afford it? You certainly can at Comfort Inn and Suites up north in Seattle. Get away from the maddening crowd and find just the hotel in Seattle to celebrate your anniversary, or for any celebratory reason at all. Find your room in our 4-story establishment and get one with a view to complete a romantic get-away.
You might have looked up places and attractions you want to explore this side of Seattle, but do consult with our multi-lingual staff and see if your choices match. A few pointers from our side may help you get organized and better enjoy your day out.

Depending on the season of your stay, north Seattle becomes a haven for cultural festivals – Asian, French, Greek, Hawaiian, among others. Or you might just love a cruise on the bay, a hike on a trail, a visit to a museum or park. Or go to a big market.

Things to Do for the Memories

Experience the Dunn Gardens, 100 years of horticultural beauty and charm, by walking through their heritage trees and shrub-lined pathways. Have a dining cruise or brunch on a yacht and enjoy the local lakes via Waterways Cruises; their homeport is at the northern end of Lake Union, nearest our hotel. If both of you are into comedic theater, go to The Comedy Underground for live performances, just a short trip south from our hotel, in historic Pioneer Square.

When you get back to your hotel, find a freshly-made bed and pillows for that needed sleep. Tomorrow is another day. Though if still too tired for a new adventure when you wake up, indulge in a movie from our DVD collections in the comfort of your room.

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