Checking Out University of Washington in Seattle

29 Dec

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What’s it like at University of Washington

You’ve researched all you can about your prospective school and now it’s time to ocularly check it out. You certainly need to feel the vibes of the place where you’ll be spending the next four years or so.

Since we can readily get information about the university from many sources, like web research, it is a different thing to feel the place personally. And Comfort Inn has had its share of would-be students who’ve checked in to our Seattle hotel and found a great deal about their UW visits to share.

Many made mentioned of the wide, open spaces in the campuses, the greenery and the climate that make this institution one of the best places to study. The buildings themselves, some are so old but truly retaining wisdom, bear the markings of learning in their walls, rooms, and hallways. Student life seem a breeze as everything a student may need in the voyage are available and for the taking. Stuff like temporary housing, out-of-campus lodging options, budget meals, welcome receptions, dress code and code of conduct, assistance and loans, even a language exchange program are taken quite seriously. Places on campus like The Avenue and the Red Square are hubs of student interaction, not to mention heaps of attractions outside UW for rest and recreation.

We are in this together

So why not be your own advance party inspection to the University of Washington? Bring along family or friends and stay awhile at our hotel in Seattle for your home away from home. We have full amenities to keep you and company comfortable as we know you are to make a life decision with your visit. UW is less than 15 mins from our hotel.

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