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12 Jan

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From the Farm to your Table

Known for big variety and jovial atmosphere, Pike Place is a wet and dry market that will suit anybody’s appetite for fresh produce, food, crafts, specialty stores and a lot more. Sitting on nine acres of space from Pike St. north to Virginia St. and from 1st Avenue west to Western Avenue, the market promises a sensory experience.

The sensibleness of the market lies on preserving and propagating the tradition of direct engagement between farmers and buyers. Washington farmers sell their produce to the community all days, all year round bringing freshness, sustainability, and affordability to homes, stores and organizations.If you shop here, you are actually helping keep the tradition alive for generations to come.

Stroll through farmers’ stalls and find fruits and vegetables in season, dairy products, wine, fish, meat and poultry, processed foods, and flowers. Take home specialty foods, like deli meats, artisan cheese, or spices. Indulge inside arcades full of crafts and decor, jewelry and leather goods, toys and kitchenware. One day is just not enough.

Plan your Big Market Days

Many out-of-towners check-in at our Seattle hotel for a couple of days at least to enjoy Pike Place Market. Just 10 miles away, or an 18 minute drive will lead you and your family to market haven. Ask our hotel staff for a copy or two of the Visitors’ Guide and Map to Pike Place and plan your marketing ahead. Don’t worry about where to eat there for the choices are many. There’s even a place to keep the kids occupied while you shop. You can keep some of your perishables in your room refrigerator until you head for home.

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