Seattle Art Museum

5 Jul

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If you’re an art fan, you’ll want to take the chance at our North Seattle Hotel to absorb the city’s rich museum scene.  Seattle is covered with art galleries of every flavor, but only one truly encompasses the full art world and brings it together for your viewing pleasure under a single roof.  Therefore, if you only have time for one museum visit, make it the Seattle Art Museum.

It’s here that you can find art from all over the world: Africa, Asia, Europe, Australian aboriginal art, and art from the native peoples from across the Americas.  And after taking an artistic world tour, you can take a look into the new and exciting world of modern art.  When you’re done with the museum itself, take a scenic stroll through the exhibits at SAM’s Olympic Sculpture Park, absorbing an array of unique outdoor pieces amid the gentle sparkle of the Sound’s waters.

You can learn more about the Seattle Art Museum, Olympic Sculpture Park, and all current exhibits at the official website.

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